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Interview with Home Secretary and MP for Hastings and Rye, Amber Rudd

Home Secretary and MP for Hastings and Rye, Amber Rudd met with us in November, to discuss business in Hastings and inward investment for the area.

In a 15 minute recorded interview, Mike Page asked Amber Rudd about a number of issues including: inward investment, rail travel, funding for schools, employment, and how Brexit is likely to impact the Hastings business community and local economy.

With a population of some 90,000 people, Hastings is no stranger to economic challenges. Its history is partly influenced by the sea and has the largest beach-launched fishing fleet in Britain. But being only 60 miles from the capital, it's no surprise that many of the town's employed make the daily commute to jobs in London. Although tourism no longer plays the role it enjoyed up until the mid 1960's, it continues to contribute to the Hastings economy. In fact, Hastings appears to be experiencing a modest revival in traditional seaside tourism.

Many other British seaside towns have struggled in recent times. However, Hastings has made a remarkable recovery, with increasing numbers of businesses relocating to the area. Lower overheads and affordable office space, plus the prospect of a better work-life balance make a compelling case for growing businesses. So far, around £200m has been invested to create; a new University Centre, college, employment space and several other regeneration activities, through the Hastings & Bexhill Task Force.

Business in Hastings is eagerly anticipated to grow exponentially, as local business communities work together to make Hastings a great place to live and work.

Jim Christy, of Hastings Business Operations arranged the interview, which was presented and produced by Mike Page of Eastbourne based Megatrend Media. Jim and Mike work together to promote Hastings and Eastbourne as an attractive business relocation destination. 

Informative content relating to business relocation is regularly added to whilst featuring prestigious and affordable office space in Eastbourne and Hastings.

Special thanks to The Sussex Exchange in Queensway, Hastings for allowing us to film the interview with Amber Rudd in their main conference room.